The Legal Bits

Powerex legal information

What you need to know

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Our Terms of doing business

We are trades people, not lawyers, but our advisors have said we need to have firm terms of business in place, so here they are

Our Quotes – things you should know

We can’t mention absolutely everything on our quotes, so here are the always relevant points that apply to all our quotes

The Construction contracts act

Are we working for you on a project that is covered by the CCA? Here you can find out how to respond to, or dispute our invoice

Our privacy policy

We value your privacy, and we take specific measures to keep the information you provide us safe and secure

Our website uses cookies

Almost all websites use cookies, and ours is no different. This explains how we use cookies to provide website content to you

Email Confidentiality

Sometimes emails go astray and end up in the wrong person’s inbox. This is how we require you to handle those accidental emails

Why Choose Powerex?


Our staff are friendly & organized

Powerex staff are friendly, approachable, and well organized


We’re reliable and are always on time

We will turn up when we say we will, and we will do what we say we will do!


We care about health & safety

Health & Safety is not to be taken lightly! Our team are hand picked and then trained to become the best at their game


We’re a “One Stop Shop”

We’re highly trained, and we understand what working in the construction industry entails


Because We’re Different. Because We’re Good

We take pride In Our Work, “excellent innovative service to satisfied customers”