Staff Questionnaire Summary

Below is a summary of the answers we received to our questionnaire

Thanks to those of you have provided some input, we really appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas. Those that haven’t bothered to have input… shame on you.

Below is a summary of the responses we received to each of the questions, and I have also provided some commentary on how we might proceed forward with each one. Please understand that many of the improvements will take some time to implement, but its good to have a clear vision of what areas we can make improvements on

Q1. What are we not doing at Powerex that we should start doing?

  • Making people accountable for laziness and rubbish work.
    • Will implement. Wherever possible, feedback from people would be helpful to identify these types of issues
  • Building relationships with clients, this takes time
    • This is being done, we have loyalty from a number of builders and key customers, but its always good to get more customers that are loyal and give us all of their work
  • Look at some jobs before we quote, so that there are less things that could go wrong.
    • This is always done where possible, but unfortunately isn’t always possible. Also, when doing a site visit it isn’t always possible to see everything (such as roof cavities, etc). Sometimes we need to be adaptable and work out alternative ways of doing things when presented with unknowns
  • Start having a tool allowance, so that tradesman get the opportunity to get better and more tools to help them on the job.
    • We provide the ability to purchase tools etc on our accounts and for staff to pay them off interest free at a rate that is suitable for them
  • More uniform such as shorts/pants.
    • Have tried this previously with mixed results. We found that some people didn’t wear them, and others had sizing/fitting issues so were uncomfortable
  • Maybe more one on one meetings to just check in every now and again
    • Will implement via a one on one with each staff member so everyone gets a one on one every 3mths. This will entail management meeting with at least 1 person every week to ensure every person gets a sit down every 3 months
  • More site visits, assistance on site
    • This is already happening, and we are trying to do it more frequently going forward
  • Letting us no where and when we are working the next day earlier. ( before 8pm )
    • Agreed, will implement this seemingly simple task. For this to work, we need to have everyone’s job cards completed and submitted as soon as possible at the end of each day so we can ascertain the state of play before determining the next days play. This is often the delay in sending out the daily message
  • Give a bit more verbal credit to employees (apprentice, electrician, management team ) that really do there part. Let staff feel that they belong at the company, keep a friendly, happy environment
    • Will implement. Already do to some extent, but will make more effort to do more. I’m positive we can do better in this area
  • Discuss /give more feedback on what future work or company progress will look like . It is always good news to employees to know where they are heading to
    • Will implement. We are in the process of working out our 5/10 year plan so once we know that we can create and share our roadmap with everyone

Q2. What are we already doing that we should do more of?

  • Taking on big projects
    • We are always on the look out for the bigger opportunities, but we need to be careful we don’t take on something too big, due to our staffing levels always being fairly full. If we can find more (competent) staff, then we could explore this idea further. We have opportunities to price work that we don’t currently price
  • Continue marketing and pushing what we seem to be doing well at eg security and heat pumps .
    • Not at this time, as we don’t have suitable employees to implement more of this work – although this is something we hope to solve with internal training
  • Work as a team on more jobs. It gets a bit boring working by yourself or doing a two person job by yourself.
    • Wherever possible this does happen. But its not always possible
  • Obtaining better quality ladders
    • We are looking to replace the 10ft ladders, the 6ft and 8ft ladders are generally in good condition (as far as we know – we’d appreciate you telling us if this is not the case – as per what we ask at every team meeting)
  • Communication is good sometimes could be better but otherwise very good
    • .
  • Social activities, makes it easier to air out frustrations between employees, Team building /Team activities / bbqs group exercises
    • Sumo suits anyone? Covid has made this difficult recently. We will endeavour to arrange more events going forward. If anyone has some good ideas, then please put them forward

Q3. What are we doing that we should stop doing?

  • Stop doing maintenance jobs for property companies as it ties resources ,and puts pressure on other areas and would be not profitable
    • Maintenance work is a key function of what we do, we have multiple customers that together provide more than 40hrs work per week. Some jobs are not profitable but overall this work does produce profit for the company. Maintenance work is also often a good fill in between project jobs
  • Explaining things to fast sometimes.
    • This is a 2-way issue – we need to have communication in both directions. Going forward we will make more effort not to assume, but we’d appreciate you asking more questions and not nodding and saying you understand if you don’t
  • Employees does not stock up /take good care of equipment in there work vehicles ( maybe set up a list of equipment and minimum quantities that each and every vehicle should have (laminate this doc and stick it up on back door of each vehicle)
    • Will implement
  • List employees birthday dates on simpro and congratulate them via a group message on that specific day when jobs are given out
    • Will endeavour to recognise everyone’s birthday

Q4. If there was 1 thing you could change at Powerex, what would it be?

  • Have motivated staff on site running jobs
    • I will leave this to you guys to solve amongst yourselves
  • Build relationships with clients
    •  We are only as good as our last job. Relationships are really important, and we do have some really good one’s going on. Not only do I need to work on this, but it’s really important that you guys also do your best to keep customers happy
  • Some better and more equipment for the team to use. Tools like lasers, stud finders, concrete drills, heat guns, ladders, conduit snakes, circuit finders etc. Or more of so that we don’t have to keep signing to things in and out of the workshop.
    • If you need something, then please ask. We do have most items, but agree we could have more
  • Training/upskilling
    • We are looking into possible training options, both in house and externally
  • Working more steadily with one tradesman
    • .
  • Add a little bit of extra additional gear to some Van’s that is usually doing work like installing extract fans ets .I did send Hayden a list before . Just think there is a lot of waisted time running up and down to get gear from suppliers -this only applicable on maintenance work that electrician don’t really know what will be necessary to complete job
    • Case by case basis – we will implement as per vehicle stock list discussed above in Q3
  • give more /additional info on quoted jobs to indicate time structure. That it becomes clear to electrician to know he is on track or he is working to slow
    • Agreed. Will make an effort to do a pre start handover of each job and then on-going updates as the job progresses
  • Maybe start a bonus structure on system /simpro and give a monthly feedback to employees (this can be done additionally/separate to each employee ,it will also help to encourage every employee to try and do ther admost best month and keep on reminding them to do so.
    • We are looking to introduce a discretionary reward system. More info to follow

Q5. If we were to offer you training/upskilling, what type of training would you prefer this to be?

  • Installation testing
    • This will be one of the first internal training we will look to implement early 2022
  • I’m quite happy doing a bit of everything but later on would like to learn the data/security as I’m quite interested in the new technology
    • .
  • Security and solar
    • Solar is something we are looking to pursue. We are currently looking at supply options and associated training, then the next step will be to find jobs
  • Train up.in security and solar
    • .  
  • Solar and smart houses.
    • Smarthomes is also an area we want to peruse. We have a particular type of system we want to offer due to its flexibility to suit both new and existing homes. Watch this space
  • I would like to be more involved in fit offs other than Just the pre wires
    • This will happen in due course
  • Any additional training that has a impact on the electrical industry will be a bonus , but only if this is in line of what the company is doing or will be doing in future and also only if spare /down time is available . Maybe it will be good to discuss this in managers meeting to make a point of this to send 1 employee pointed out by management each month to do some or other course to add value to company.