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PDL Wiser Smart Homes

Smart homes by Powerex are simple, yet ever so powerful. Our system of choice can be retrofitted into any home new, or old, and because it is scalable you can have as much or as little as you want

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Elevated Temperature Screening

Concerned about your staff or visitors unknowingly carrying Covid-19 and bringing it into your workplace?Powerex can offer you a solution that's quick and easy and will screen all staff or visitors to identify elevated body temperatures - which could indicate sickness...

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Cameras Tell The Story

Security cameras are becoming more and more critical when thieves and intruders are taken to court, they are easier to convict when there is video evidence, and often they will confess to their wrong doings when presented with the video footage However, it's important...

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Security Audits Plug The Gaps

Is your property secure... or is it an invitation for a criminal looking for an easy target?Criminals are always looking for the easy jobs, they don't like hard work. Warn your neighbours Powerex techs have the knowledge and skills to turn your property into fort...

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