Intruder Alarm Systems

Sensors, Switches and Alarms. What do I need?

Sound The Alarm!

It’s not always possible to keep an intruder out, so it’s important that you are alerted when your security has been compromised.

We can install sensors on your doors, windows, hatches, skylights, vents and other possible points of entry so that the alarm is raised as soon as you have a problem.

“It’s not always possible to keep an intruder out, so it’s important that you are alerted when your security has been compromised.”

What type of system do I need?

You need a system that protects the perimeter, and in particular covers any possible entry points

There are many different brands in the market, and they all operate in a similar way. We use and recommend a New Zealand developed & manufactured product from a company called Arrowhead Alarm Products, which was founded in 1986 in Auckland

Any system should be designed to suit the environment it is being installed in, there is no 1 system fits all type of solution – and that is why you need the assistance of our competent techs to help you determine how many sensors, in what locations etc to ensure you have a reliable system.

Our techs are experienced with many different brands, so if you already have a older type of system that is in need of an upgrade, we can help you with that too

Is one system better than another?

Not really. All systems are very similar in the way they operate. What makes a system unique is the way it is setup and programmed. 

That is why our techs do a site survey before undertaking any install work, and they will discuss with you the options and recommend the best solution to suit your unique environment

Most systems come with options, such as LCD keypads or touch screen keypads – you can have either option or both options depending on your requirements

All modern systems can have a mobile phone app these days too, so using your system can be as easy as using a phone. 

Sensors, switches & sirens

Options are a plenty when it comes to alarm system peripherals. Most alarm suppliers also supply matching PIR sensors, reed switches and the like to go with their systems, but these are all very similar in nature and all work the same. Most are cross compatible across the different platforms with a few exceptions

As with most electronic equipment, there is your cheap versions and the more expensive variants of the same thing, normally with very minor improvements – depending on your environment you may need a sensor that has dual technology such as Passive Infrared and Microwave for example. Our techs can advise you in this area during our site survey


Remotes & controls

To make an alarm system not only a tool for providing security, you can also leverage its capabilities to provide you with some handy convenance too – such as having a remote control that can arm/disarm the system, open / close the garage door and turn lights on / off… or pretty much anything you can think of. It can also be setup to turn your front porch light on at dusk and off at dawn, or turn your garden watering system on every second day for 2hrs – – or whatever you want it to control, the options are endless and our techs are very skilled at setting these types of features up for our clients.

It is options like these that turn your average alarm system into a powerful tool that can make your home automated and convenant for the homeowner. This is what puts our techs a cut above the rest, we can do some of this or all of this and more for you if this is what you want

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