Keeping an eye on your property.

CCTV tracks so many parts of our daily lives. Why? Because it works. It helps to keep us safe and secure. And it can do the same for you and your business or family too. The quality and sophistication of cameras has never been better, yet they are now more affordable than ever.

Why do I need cameras?

  • monitor who is coming and going
  • perimeter surveillance 
  • peace of mind
  • trouble spot monitoring 
  • theft deterrent 
  • health & safety
  • staff monitoring and training
  • plus many other reasons

Cameras have become very much accepted in society today. They are everywhere! Most public places such as restaurants, shops, car parks and even Taxis have some form of surveillance system in place. 

Cameras are also becoming common in residential applications, because people can monitor their property remotely via their mobile phone. All of our systems have this capability, all you need is an active internet connection and we can provide this feature for you too. Imagine waiting for a parcel to arrive – with our systems you can receive a push notification when a particular area is accessed (say your front porch) – you can then view that notification and get video verification that it was a courier delivering your parcel

What type of camera do I need?

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes, but not all cameras are equal

Dome cameras and bullet cameras are the most common these days – but again not all dome or bullet cameras are created equal – there are many different lens sizes, vari-focal (zoom in & out), infrared for night vision, etc. And to make it more complicated there are differing levels of infrared & vari-focal too.

We firmly believe that every installation should be assessed on its own merits and then the best camera selected to suit that environment and your budget.

Our techs are up with the play with selecting the right camera for each location, and we will always recommend the most suitable to give you the desired solution you expect. There is little point in installing a camera that is good for an overview when you are actually wanting fine detail – you will be disappointed with the result and we don’t succeed with disappointed customers

What type of recorder do i need?

Like cameras, there are many different options for network video recorders (NVR’s), but this selection is much easier to make

Most NVR’s come in either 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels… meaning you can connect 4, 8, 16 or 32 cameras. It’s always a good idea to match the NVR with the brand of camera selected, although this isn’t strictly required but you may lose some camera features if you don’t

All NVR’s have the ability to be accessed remotely and this can be done either directly via your sites IP address or  via the cloud if direct site access isn’t an option for you

Our techs will ask you a series of questions to get a good understanding of your requirements so we can design a system that is right for you, and we will discuss the various options with you and explain the pro’s and con’s of each option, and if you have a ever changing site we will also show you why it might be better to get a bigger NVR now to save you money later

Speciality solutions

Number plate recognition

Number plate recognition has many uses. One common use scenario is to automatically open a gate or barrier arm when a known vehicle approaches – such as a staff member or a delivery vehicle. This can save valuable time and resources. The added advantage is that the details of every vehicle are kept in a searchable database – even the vehicles that are not known, so you can easily search the database by plate number or date/time and get a list and capture of every time a certain vehicle has entered / exited your site – very handy for tracing movements, tracking deliveries, etc


Receipt overlay

Run a restaurant or bar / cafe? Having problems with getting the til to balance? With some systems it is possible to get a receipt to overlay on the camera that is overlooking the POS unit – when you look at the receipt and see the transaction unfold, this could go a long way for finding your problem and engaging with staff for training and showing them best practice etc

Below is a sample receipt overlay


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