Is your property secure… or is it an invitation for a criminal looking for an easy target?

Criminals are always looking for the easy jobs, they don’t like hard work.

Warn your neighbours

Powerex techs have the knowledge and skills to turn your property into fort knox, which will stop the crims from even wanting to try and break in – your neighbours property will be a much easier target

Our solution starts with a site audit, so we can understand the unique vulnerabilities your site has, and then we can tailor a solution to fit your needs

A comprehensive site audit is the first step

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Once the site survey is completed, we will discuss with you our findings and we will gather further information from you to ensure we have everything covered

Contact us for your site survey today so we can help you secure your property and give you that piece of mind that you need

“A comprehensive site audit is the first step”

Protect your perimeter

Photograph by Powerex

Wondering what this type of service could cost?

A typical security audit of most properties takes anywhere between 1 and 3 hours depending on the size of the property. Our typical cost for this is around $200 + GST

But – if you take up our recommendations and engage Powerex to secure your property, then there will be no cost for this service

Contact us using the below form and we will arrange to meet with you (physical distancing guidelines applied) and work out what is best for your unique property, and answer any questions you may have

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