Thinking about adding some smarts to your home?

Smarthomes by Powerex are simple, yet ever so powerful

Smart home technology has traditionally been expensive, and reserved for the higher end homes only – not anymore! Powerex install and recommend PDL Wiser. Wiser doesn’t just make your home smarter – it can make life easier, more convenient and more energy efficient too. And all for a very reasonable price

PDL Wiser can be retrofitted into any home, new or old. You can have as much or as little as you want – and that’s the great thing about it, it’s adaptable and scalable to suit your home, your needs, and your budget – and that is why we install and recommend Wiser to our clients

The team at Powerex are certified PDL Wiser installers, we’ve got a lot more information about PDL Wiser on our dedicated page or you can contact us today

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Our staff are friendly & organized

Powerex staff are friendly, approachable, and well organized


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We will turn up when we say we will, and we will do what we say we will do!


We care about health & safety

Health & Safety is not to be taken lightly! Our team are hand picked and then trained to become the best at their game


We’re a “One Stop Shop”

We’re highly trained, and we understand what working in the construction industry entails


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