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Heat Pumps are the most cost effective way of heating your property. We install and recommend Mitsubishi electric heat pumps. (We do other brands too, but we like to stick with the best). We provide free advice and will visit your home / business and quote on the correctly sized unit to suit your situation.

Mitsubishi electric have a diverse range of heat pumps, from single split systems to multi split systems (multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit) through to fully ducted systems

Read our heat pump installation pricing policy then use the form on the right to contact us if you would like further information or a quote to have a unit installed at your property. Consultations are free, and well worth it to ensure you get a solution that will meet your needs for years to come


Just some of the heat pump services we provide:

– New builds, alterations and replacements
– Wall mounted (high wall) heat pumps
– Floor mounted heat pumps
– Fully ducted heat pumps
– Commercial heat pumps
– Residential heat pumps
– WiFi integration
– Heat pump servicing
– Heating surveys, and heat pump sizing recommendations
– And much much more

Want a ball park price to have a heat pump installed? Read on!

Heat Pumps are the most cost effective way of heating your property. Our recommended brand that we supply & install is Mitsubishi electric heat pumps. (We do other brands too, but we like to stick with the best). We provide free advice and will visit your home / business and quote on the correctly sized unit to suit your situation (bigger is not always better!)

We will install a heat pump that you purchase too, you don’t have to buy it from us….

We have a simple pricing policy for installing heat pumps. This policy isn’t a fixed price quote, but it will give you a guide to follow in working out roughly how much your heat pump is likely to cost to have installed

Back to back install (including 5M of pipe) see below explanation  $ 800.00
Every additional meter of pipe needed over the 5M  $ 50.00 /M
Condensate pump (if the drain needs to go uphill)  $ 300.00
Cantilever brackets (to mount the exterior unit on a block wall)  $ 110.00

Above prices are a guide only. Pricing includes all materials and labour and also includes GST.

All installs come with the backing of a full manufacturers warranty – and unlike other installers, we will warranty our workmanship and installation materials for the length of the manufacturers warranty period too!

Naturally, our installs also come with an electrical certificate of compliance

A typical “back to back” installation includes the following:

  • 5M of Pipe & Cable between units
  • Electrical Isolator & flexible connection
  • PVC ducting & end cap (to cover pipes)
  • Concrete Pavers x2 450mm x 450mm
  • Outdoor unit feet
  • Power Supply cable with a max of 10 meters and MCB
  • Electrical certificate of compliance
  • Manufacturers Warranty

All for $ 800.00 incl. GST

If this description doesn’t quite fit your situation, then you will need to add the appropriate extras from above to get your estimated price. Of course, there are situations where this generic pricing doesn’t suit, contact us for a on-site consultation

Did you realise that your heat pump should be regularly serviced?

Guess what? We do that too! We have 2 levels of services that we offer for heat pumps. We have an annual service and a 3 yearly service

Annual service $ 99.00
3 yearly service $ 159.00
Non regular repairs and fault finding * Hourly rate


In addition to regular servicing, you should clean the filters regularly too – we will show you how to do this when we install your unit. Depending on your location, you may need the 3 yearly service more frequently than 3 years, we can guide you on that.

We have techs that are experienced with fault finding heat pump issues too. We currently undertake repairs for a number of manufacturers so have access to service manuals and spare parts. A maintained heat pump is generally pretty robust and often the fault found is due to installer error. We tend to get a few calls at the beginning of winter with people saying their heat pump doesn’t seem as efficient as last winter – and this is so often due to a small gas leak

*We can undertake this type of service work, and if your unit is under warranty, we will liaise with the supplier and take care of the whole process for you. If your unit is not under warranty, we will diagnose the fault for you, and then let you know what needs to be done and how much more it is going to cost to repair. Of course, if it was one of our installs, then no questions asked, it will be fixed at no cost to you (assuming it was installer error, or still under warranty)

We will take the hassle out of servicing your heat pump!

When we install a unit for you, we will automatically call you about a year later to book a suitable time for servicing your heat pump, so you don’t need to worry about remembering. Having the unit serviced by us is not mandatory (you can tell us not to bother) – but why wouldn’t you have it serviced? It was a major investment, and a service is going to help maintain your heat pump to ensure you get optimum performance and longevity from your investment. The flip side is, we have no issue with selling you a new one in a few years time! 🙂

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