Concerned about your staff or visitors unknowingly carrying Covid-19 and bringing it into your workplace?

Powerex can offer you a solution that’s quick and easy and will screen all staff or visitors to identify elevated body temperatures – which¬†could indicate sickness / virus infection or covid-19 symptoms

Once setup, this solution will run by itself, and can alert you via push notification, email or if the camera is being monitored – by audio alert

Watch this video to see how it works

Photograph by Powerex

This solution can provide push notifications to an app or event notifications on a computer, email notifications, also light, and voice notifications directly from the camera to identify a high temperature can be setup too

Contact us for a site visit so we can analyse your situation and provide a solution depending on budget and level of exposure

Safer, Faster, Smarter – Hikvision Fever Screening Thermal Solutions

Screening in action

Photograph by Powerex

Handheld options starting from $2,735.00 + GST
Fixed mounted camera options starting from $9,360.00 + GST

(Pricing includes camera, local installation & setup, commissioning and client training, excludes recording device or computer)

Contact Ashley using the below form if this is of interest to you, he will arrange to meet with you (social distancing guidelines applied) and work out best installation location, how it will work in your particular workplace and answer any questions you may have


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