Wifi in the home or office has never been so important as it is now

WiFi in the home or at the office

Ever get frustrated when a website or a facebook message wont load? Sick of waiting for that video to start playing? This is becoming a big problem in households everywhere, as more and more people are using hand held devices and interacting with each other on various social media platforms

Our techs are trained in installing Ubiquiti Unifi – the standard for hi-performance WiFi. The Unifi product family is commercial grade WiFi suitable for any property big or small, indoors or outdoors with as little as 1 user or as much as thousands of users

“Our techs are trained in installing Ubiquiti Unifi – the standard for hi-performance WiFi”

What type of system do I need?

You need a system that has the capacity to handle the amount of users and data that you are likely to use

With the likes of Netflix now solidly ingrained into our daily lives it is easy to under estimae your usage requirements, so it is better to over estimate rather than err on the conservative side

Our techs can discuss this with you so you can make an informed decision on what product will best fit your requirements – just because you might have a high usage doesn’t necessarily mean you need to install more WiFi points, it might simply mean an HD (high density) access point might be more suitable for you, so it is always best to discuss your usage patterns with us so we can recommend the best solution for you

Even if you need more than 1 access point, Unifi has you covered. When you move about your property and connect from 1 AP to another, the transition is seamless – you wouldn’t even know. This is one of the big differences between commercial grade WiFi and the traditional router + extender setup that alot of homeowners try – there is better, and our techs can make this a reality for you

Want full control of your network and want to see stats of what’s been happening? by adding a Unifi gateway to your network, this can become a reality too. This will enable you to make many adjustments to your network and give you control of the devices connected to it – including blocking certain devices after a set time, etc. With it’s advanced firewall you can create VLANS, VPN’s Port forwarding and many other handy features

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